We need livestock. You should be able to lasso animals and lead them back to your base. You should then be able to build fences and gates to keep them in and breed them. Breeding should take time and depending on the rewards you get from an animal it should take longer. EX. chickens only give you eggs and chicken meat, so they are easily bred, but cows take longer because they can give you milk and meat, plus a female and male close in proximity (that are well fed), the female will become pregnant and if you keep the female well fed she will give birth to a calf. The calf grows to a full grown bull or cow if it is well fed. (also just a little tangent, ride-able horses! You should be able to lasso other animals from horse back and lead them back to your base)

You should, but can you?

good idea. the game is trying to get more realistic but when you kill cows they give you a milk box

It is already on the Trello wishlist, but catching animals with lassos sounds cool

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