LMGs and PvP


This thread was primarily made in response to a point that @BannanaBusBoat made in his post. His post will be linked here: Why LMG’s are broken

Hello everyone, I hope your New Years wasn’t terrible. Today I would like to talk about the LMG in PvP scenarios. Typically in Unturned, LMGs are used in conducting base raids and only occassionally PvP (Usually when you’re forced into it by said base raiding.)


So whats the deal?
Why are we going into LMGs and their use in PvP?

An overview of the Raiding Balance Pass

The Raiding Balance Pass.

When the balance pass hit us on December 14th 2018 it was a game changer for many people. We will be focusing on these main points as they are necessary for getting my point across.




To many this may mean.
"Thank god its about time."

However, to me this means.
"The expense has gone up, and the worth has gone down."

Why the Raiding Balance Pass matters

Putting it into perspective.

To put it simple and clean, the Balance Pass matters because the expense of using an LMG has gone up since loading up one of these bad boys now requires High Caliber Ammunition.

For those of you who play on Vanilla Servers. (If those still exist.) You’ll be able to raid that base in about a day when you get enough ammo, or make charges instead.
For those who play on Economy Servers / OP Kits, this means you will be draining a lot more money into using one of these.

With the reduced raid damage to structures it means its worth has gone down significantly. The old ways of using an LMG for raiding is being met with diminished returns.

Potentially Fun Tweak / Addition

Increase its presence in PvP


While you may never get the same excitement you did for an LMG as you did prior to the patch, it can be beneficial in another aspect. The LMGs are still weapons, and now that they take High Caliber ammo which is more expensive / harder to get… what could be the harm in

Raising the Player Damage

As opposed to just making the recoil more manageable, I thought it would be a fun idea to instead purpose LMGs for suppression / strength over the control / range that regular assault rifles have in Unturned.

An effective way to do this is to raise the player damage of the LMGs. (Dragonfang, Nykorev and Hells Fury.)
While maintaining the current recoil and expense of high cal ammo to serve as drawbacks from utilizing such heavy fire power.

Common = Standard Military Clothing (Shooting through Vest and Top)
Tops = Highest Resistence from armor ingame (Shooting through Ops Vest and Top)
HTK = Hits to Kill

All of these calculations are accounted only for hits to the spine. Damage may vary on accuracy.
Current Damages:
Base Damage 50
(In Common) HTK from Spine: 4
(In Tops) HTK from Spine: 5

Base Damage 32
(In Common) HTK from Spine: 7
(In Tops) HTK from Spine: 8

Hell’s Fury
Base Damage 37
(In Common) HTK from Spine: 6
(In Tops) HTK from Spine: 7

Proposed Damages:
Base Damage 66
(In Common) HTK from Spine: 3
(In Tops) HTK from Spine: 4

Base Damage 55
(In Common) HTK from Spine: 4
(In Tops) HTK from Spine: 5

Hell’s Fury
Base Damage 40
(In Common) HTK from Spine: 5
(In Tops) HTK from Spine: 6

The goal is to compensate for the loss of utility and increase of expense in the LMG class of guns.
I hope some of you found this insightful, and if not atleast entertaining.

Would you like to see these changes to LMGs?

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  • No

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Sad Notice
Edit 1/4/2019: Thread was actually based around incorrect information regarding LMGs only taking high caliber exclusively. I apologize and would like to retract this post.


There seems to be some information you missed in your post regarding calibers.

  • The Dragonfang takes High Cal Mil.
  • The Nykorev takes Low Cal Ranger.
  • The Hell’s Fury takes Low Cal Mil, and Low Cal Ranger.

Your post is worded as if all of these exclusively only take a form of High Cal.

Which makes changes like these:

quite powerful.

EDIT: https://steamcommunity.com/app/304930/discussions/0/3561682880012901187/


Oh wow. That was a huge mistake on my part. I based all of this off the idea everything was taking high caliber.

I kind of want to retract this thread now.


still really useful information


I would personally propose the Nykorev have 50 damage per shot to make it competitive against ARs. After all, it can’t raid. Only the Dragonfang can.

The Hell’s Fury is quite fine as is. The Fury is actually a buffed version of the changes I proposed to Nelson about General LMG changes. The Fury has very good PvP CQB potential.

One thing to note is Nelson wants to keep a raiding gun, as that’s why the Dragonfang is what it is now. The Dragonfang works in that role. It’s also a PvP monster if you decide to use the high cal.

The only gun that’s lack luster is the Nykorev. It’s not really good at anything besides being durable.


Personally, I’d still use it for sentries rather than actual combat.