Loading Screen Music Feedback Thread

Hey everyone, staswalle here!

I am the guy behind the PEI and Washington loading themes, and although I received plenty of feedback on YouTube and on Discord already, I’m here to ask for your feedback here, because I know that many Unturned players don’t use those platforms.

So, what do you think of the loading screen themes, and what are your suggestions for similar themes for other maps?

See you soon, in the Haven Across the Bridge, Where It Rains… :wink:

Also I’m posting this just now, because my account was locked by accident back when I made it and I’ve only recently bothered anyone to fix that :stuck_out_tongue:


make something at 150bpm


Hey everyone, cucuycharles here!

I suggest that you compile all the tracks into a vinyl record def would buy.


If Nelson would ever be interested in opening an Unturned merch store, I’d be 100% down for that


only if you add it for Elver’s loading screen

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Nelson should be interested in more physical items that are purchasable at some sort of Unturned merch store.


I love this idea :3


G5M hoodie



Why did you call Haven Across and The Bridge, Where It Rains that?

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because it looks funny to each other on the stereo

All of my yes

I personally want to hear more of your already made songs in the game. For example, Broken Vials, which would be nice to hear when you are in a deadzone in-game, or when you are at the Scorpion-7 facility on Washington. To have that song play faintly in the background would improve the ambience a lot.


I’ve seen many already ask for ambient music features, so maybe we’ll get to see something like that in the future! Would definitely be great for the game’s atmosphere, however I don’t know how would that affect the PvP

Well, I suppose one would be able to disable ambient music.

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