Location choices on map generation

Random maps will be really hard to make, but what about locations that can have variations, like a freeway checkpoint that can either be a military, police or medical checkpoint. Each has its own chance. Another example could be a location near a town, it could be a warehouse, hotel or gas station ect.
These will be decided at random by the map at the start of a game. Or chosen by the player to affect difficulty.


I’m guessing this idea came from Dead Matter as well. I do like the idea of certain locations having a small number of variations via semi-randomized generation, especially the in-between smaller locations such as those you mentioned.

It should definitely be possible via advanced options for the server owner (or the player if in singleplayer) to choose from the variety based on preference. One way I can practically think of handling this is by assigning each location variation an ID of some sort.


I think this could work for NPC locations as well, similar to animal spawns in 3.x. Assign the spawns to a certain area and it will spawn somewhere within that area, with the ability to choose what tier loot spawns there, or what kind of NPCs spawn there, etc.

This could be cool for zombie hives/spawners/places like that, that can be destroyed to prevent zombie hordes in the area. Maybe some form of organic alien-looking stuff could be found there.

I also had an idea a while back for “convoy” systems (like traveling hordes but with NPCs) and you can rob/destroy the convoy and some good quality loot could be found there, but you would gain notoriety and bounty.


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