Locked out of my old Forum account


Hello, you guys know me as stuttgart_flugart (I’ve been off the forum for a bit, sorry about that-) and I have with me a dilemma.

I was receiving spam notifications from Chrome, so I decided to reset it completely, and log into the accounts that I was using before, and it was all good, no problems.

Until I went on the SDG Forum. I entered in my email, password, all the usual, but it says “unknown error”. I try “Forgot password”. I enter my email. It says “403 Forbidden”. I tried logging in with my username, and it gives me the same thing. Is this a weird bug, or is there some explanation for it? cheers


i have all my replies and notifications on there, so it’s just pretty inconvenient


Might have been banned for something . Who knows.


Ah, I had this problem as well.
Easy fix.
Make sure you have “https://” in front of the “forum.smartlydressedgames”


Huh, thanks man


Just a heads-up that you can disable notifications from individual sites manually without having to fully reset your cache and whatnot.

He wasn’t. On a side note, bans are publicly shown on user profile. Ban reasons are too.


Happened to me as well
I didn’t know what to do. Had to use different devices everytime. Sometimes the app, sometimes going to Chrome manually, and sometimes on my PC


I wonder who’s banned :thinking:
Where is the list?


Staff have a list as a part of the forum’s tools, but the amount of suspensions can be counted on my fingers. There’s more silences than there are suspensions right now, but a vast majority of those are automatic silences issued to spam bot accounts.

I don’t believe there’s any public list.


Good to know that this community doesn’t as much assholes as other games do.


I sure hope you haven’t jinxed it, kylie.



I had this problem as well.

Had to use Chrome cause I thought Edge is being a dick again.


Yarr uses Edge confirmed.


No regrets :wink:


Gentlemen, just make sure “https://” is on.


You already said this 'fam. Yarr’s just reminiscing.