Logging off with loot : a fix that won't make people ragequit

One of the worst feelings in PVP survival is raiding a base and getting nothing out of it bcus some bozo logged off with 25 charges shoved between the cheeks of his 4 altgold characters.

Solution :

In U4, backpacks and vests can have pouches.
Introduce “specialised” pouches, which would only be able to store one certain type of item.
Each “special” pouch could store guns, or medical items, or food, or low tier materials, etc.

When someone logs off :

  1. Their body will stay on the map
  2. They will be unkillable
  3. The only part of their body that will be lootable, is the “unspecialised” areas. (meaning everything in the “specialised” pouches is 100% safe)

This would allow people to log off with some of their items, but it would allow map creators/Nelson to control what people can log off with. For example one could exclude charges/ammo/etc from these pouches so that people can’t log off with them. Alternitavely these pouches for high tier items can be a reward at a late point in the progression, perhaps with limited capacity.

IMO this is a nice compromise between rust’s way of handling things where you lose literally everything if you get offlined VS unturned’s approach where you are literally a walking /vault

What do y’all think?


Would this include the body disappearing after a certain amount of time, or how would it deal with people logging off in the middle of a city or someone else’s base?

  • Their body will stay on the map
  • They will be unkillable

People will 100% find a way to circumwent this. Spikes, vehicles, metal plates all the way around you so have to suicide, so on and so forth.

  • The only part of their body that will be lootable, is the “unspecialised” areas. (meaning everything in the “specialised” pouches is 100% safe)

So what you’re saying is they can loot the entirety of your inventory except maybe 2 guns you stashed away. This is NOT a compromise. This is taking Rust’s system and sugarcoating it.

A real compromise would be how Unturned 3.0 on “Allow_Per_Character_Saves: false” servers plays like (so, completely disabling character slots). You online raid me - you get all the loot. You offline raid me - too bad, no C4 here. You’ll have to wait for me to log in and kill me.


“Lets add a system that totally screws over the nomadic playstyle”

Doesn’t sound so great to someone that only builds a base like 1/4th of the time.


I agree with danaby. The amount should be limited and maybe the norm of character saves could be changed. Rarely does a server have the setting where you can only play on one of your characters so I think it would help if that was made the new normal. I don’t think many people would have the nerve to log into different steam accounts to store all their sportshot magazines.

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Sounds like a skill issue.


if you’re not building a base in a game that revolves around building bases & raiding, then idk what to tell you


Bodies staying on the map is already a planned feature, so this is better for “Nomads”

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thats such a bold statement lol

I only build a base when I plan on raiding other bases. Or, when I plan on doing the most stupid meme shit ever. Like blocking the entirety of Summerside Military Base with wood foundations.


Literally, when I used to play Unturned, I would build miniature storage loot houses instead of bases all around the map and then I would keep all my most important loot on myself because I always knew how to survive and if I died then it was deserved, but I usually didn’t. So making a Rust-like system like this would inevitably kill off playstyles like my own in which include keeping all your loot on you like a traveling raid boss rather than dumping it all into a pathetic base that will just end up getting offline raided within 2 days (even if it’s hidden) and you lose all your loot/good loot. It’s not fair to implement something like that and kill off an entire part of the game’s population’s playstyle just to make it more like another game.


Considering that I’m one of the best players that played Unturned and I never put down a single actual base, neither my best duo partner and we always kept our best loot on ourselves so that we will keep it as long as we live and dump off the excess into small 1x1 or 2x2 loot houses instead. I would definitely say this is not a game that revolves around base building, and as someone who dug so deep into this you could say “nomadic” playstyle, when I joined a server my goal in mind was always to end up owning the server within the next coming hours and to destroy every single base on it. after 3-5 maybe 7 at times hours of being on that server, that’s what me and my partner duo would usually end up doing. Running through every single base on the map we would stack up RPGs and C4s offline and online raiding people without discrimination. To us, who never needed real bases, bases were for the weak and were usually a softpoint that we used and abused against the enemies. So please don’t discount the idea of us people who don’t usually build bases at all, our playstyle should be considered equally as well.

If you add mechanics then do as in the example in Rust on the type there is a body that can be searched.

Everybody does multiple white account swapping, which are harder to track than a Gold Player.

I respectfully disagree.

I don’t play neither Elver nor Arid because it already restricts:

1.- Building in cities, just for fun, not actual base (though one can safely hide lockers in bathtubs from zombie raids).

2.- Horde Beacon location restriction makes it unfun as I love to raid with HB.

3.- …and now even more restrictive rules??? Please…

Nelson said that he was ready for something like this. When you logout a box with your loot will appear for a short while after that it will despawn with you, However the thing with ‘‘Their body will stay on the map
*They will be unkillable’’ is that you can just mine the place, put sentries down, take their food and box them in ETC, once you locate them and their body is in no position to pose any harm to you, then they are already dead at that point because when they come back something will be waiting for them.

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Literally no need for any suggestions just copy paste rust and done


“Considering I’m one of the best players that played unturned” lol


ikr right dat ego lol

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