LOGO Unturned 4.0

Heyy guys and girls this is my logo and i now look’s like Adobe Unturned :smile:

and V1CeNtExD69 did a great job in the icon check it guys ! ! ! :slight_smile:

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I assume you mean for the Game’s Icon/Logo? I really don’t think it fits with the game. It doesn’t look related to Unturned in any way except the U and the vaguely zombie-colored green.


yeah you right
and thank you :slight_smile:

I think the current logo suffices since the zombie face is so iconic and is easily recognizable as Unturned.


Idk why but i think this icon is cool, reminds me a lot adobe icons. Maybe dont fit with the art style of the game but i liked to see something like that in unturned 4.0

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I wouldnt mind a revamped zombie face tho

Is this a symbol for Uranium?

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The zombie face is the only thing that people’s heads will come up with when thinking of Unturned. The radioactive-green U looks like an icon for an Adobe product

Pretty much the same opinion as the above. And yeah, it also looks like a icon for Uranium in a periodic table

Adobe Unturned


naa looks bad

I’m not a fan of the current logo, it’s a bit too bland and I feel something could be done about it, this is a good concept but it’s a bit generic.


adobe much?

definitely Unturned can not have new logo :thinking: because the current logo describes it, if you see it already know that it is Unturned. :blush:

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That is nice


Personally, I kinda like this one

Or maybe change the letters on the logo into the letters of the Unturned Trailer Logo.
Or maybe…

Dear god all of these are appalling. Especially the first and third ones. Why are they all using 2.0 stuff?

The current one maybe bland and in need of some refurbishing but dear lord none of these fit the game, it’s as if someone just took a screenshot of the game and then promptly opened some shady design website that has a blood font and pasted “Unturned” in.

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Yeah, I only really like the 5th one, and I don’t see that being put up on anything official

I like the aesthetic of the fifth one, but it doesn’t fit Unturned. A good logo should be able to convey a message to whoever sees it, so if they see something like the fifth one which is PVP, they’ll have a chance of thinking it’s mainly a PVP game. Which Unturned isn’t.