Look at this cool menu concept!

Cool menu concept for Unturned (mabey 4.0?)

(content not owned by me)

Main menu

Exiting Game

I kinda like this new menu and think it would be a very nice redesign for 4.0x, what do you guys think?

1-5 star rating?

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Background shouldn’t be a map- and if it will be, please not Washington…

:fu: Washington is the best map

Have you ever played Nuke in 2 FPS? Because this proves otherwise.

Rendered animated background of a snowy Yukon. :wink:


Why does it have to be a copy of csgo

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I like the more modern UI compared to the outdated basic buttons we have right now.

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We should definitely evolve from the current clunky menu the game currently has. I mean I find it alright in 1.0 and 2.0 but then it’s sorta meh in 3.0.

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Animated like 1.0 would definiteley be something nice to have in my opinion.

While I like it, I’m getting real CS:GO/Rust vibes off this menu.

Unturned needs something unique, but hey, this is a start I guess!

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Play button might need to be more visible and closer to the centre but it looks really clean

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