Looking for Old Versions of 3.0

I’m looking around for old versions of Unturned 3.0 so let me know if you have any :smiley:

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Are you asking for actual game files, or…

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Unless someone saved them for some reason, you’re gona have a hard time finding those.

I used to, but not any of the super different versions. I would make backups of stuff whenever a new update came out so I could make sure that any hidden .dat file stat changes were properly noted, but I’ve stopped doing that ever since I factory reset my PC some months ago.

I’m looking for the whole game from an older version. So yes actual game files.

I have version from from october from last year still on my pc, not sure if it’s old enough

OK, I have 3.3.1., 3.7.1 and With original and patched steam_api.dll’s. Original ones don’t work so well now, and settings will be overwritten, and multiplayer says “your authentication is invalid”.

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Could you message me on discord? SomebodyOnEarth#4070