Loot respawn Ideas

Alright, heres an idea for loot respawning. Instead of it respawning every 5 minutes.

It takes a full ingame week, (or maybe even till a full moon) before loot will respawn. and no players have to be around. (possibly nobody has to have been there for a week before it respawns) maybe you would see npcs head into the place, drop off stuff for survivors, then leave by heli or something. I dont really know. Ideas plz? cause this is all I have to think about it.

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Unless maps are truly gigantic, as in if you won’t run in to anyone in 6 hours this would work.

In unturned days are 48 minutes long iirc and that’s around 6 hours for a week. If one player can clear and loot a city in 10 or 20, as they could a large one like Berlin or Seattle in 3.0, then every other player would have to wait 6 hours.

This is not a good idea. The current loot respawn times are fine because no one really does back to back looting of a city or base.


the thing about this, is that with the current respawn times, you go to a miltitary base, get a bunch of good loot, wait 20 minutes, and repeat. untill you can raid the entire server. plus, this would encourage people trying to farm instead of just heading into a city and finding all the food you need.

Current respawns could probably get doubled, or really how I would like to see it is that item spawns and zombies spawns would somehow be tied together, ie roughly everytime an item spawns in so does a zombie, obviously this would be changed in different locations that are easier, or harder, and also depend on how good the loot is.

Also you bring up a good point, but that would be solved by making food rarer where loot is better, and having a single city with a decent of food and meds, so geared player contest over it, adding risk, until they are situated enough to start farming. I think dayz did this pretty well.

Actually I’ve once drove from berlin to hamburg just trying to find stealy. 5 times. By the time I’ve looted the gas station in berlin. The one in hamburg has been restocked. (Yes. This is a vanilla server.)

And I see some people having like 10+ lockers on an APC looting “location to location”, so there’s that.


why would they drop off stuff to survivors in a zombie-infested location? it’s a far better idea just to drop it off somewhere that’s like, not zombie infested?

It was an idea to make loot spawns more realistic.


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I don’t think this game mechanic really needs realism.
Gimping loot respawn on the tiny maps Unturned has to literal hours would be terrible.

how about we just keep it as it is, i mean people dropping loot off in zombie infested areas is just as realistic as current 3.0 loot spawning

ah but u forget, 4.0 isnt 3.0 in any way. maps will most definitely be larger. maybe the spawn time depends on the size of the map. I dunno.

Its better than loot appearing out of nowhere

Not everything has to be realistic or explainable just for the sake of realism.
I think the way loot spawns is fine with the way it is now.

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mkay. npc’s dropping stuff off at zombie infested areas, no.
How about you need to be out of the navigation thingo for the stuff to spawn, out of the area, so that you don’t see it appear put of nowhere

In that case every player would have to leave a certain location in order for loot to spawn. For some places like cities this would once again gimp loot spawns.

Yeah… but they’d be looting the loot that’s still there

Alright, I’ve read it.

I think instead of foods and loots spawned on the shelves. It should spawn on the floors or really anywhere that can be considered as messy. As if someone knocked them off.

Maybe a pile of stuffs just randomly appeared in a random part of the city, in the alley, on the street with alot of infected… etc. (like that someone died… not really realistic, but still better than UPP-001-J.)

Again, NPCs just randomly restocked shelves for you? That’s sounds really odd in my opinion. Maybe if it’s like mysterious stanger in fallout then I might bite that.

Altho I do agree that it shouldn’t just spawned out of nowhere. Waiting for a long period of time still didn’t solve the problem.

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The way loot respawns right now is pretty good, this is just over the top and pretty unnecessary in my opinion

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Lootable furniture was a possibility to supplement or possibly replace the current looting system being considered IIRC.
Another possible loot rework could be related to this

or this

Or some combination of the three.
Any of the preceding would be better than the Original Post IMO.

Just because the game is designed to run better, does not mean the maps will automatically be larger. There is no information from Nelson about map sizes in 4.x, so there is no certainty on the sizes of the “default” maps. Large maps take a lot of time and effort to make, and to make well. It could be totally possible that the first few maps (or all of them) end up at a similar size to 3.x’s maps.

Also, see this.

Whomever created that website must’ve been annoyed by their coworker for spelling definitely wrong.

Godspeed the stranger.