Lootspawns Mega zombie

Is it possible to change the lootspawns of mega zombies

yes but u gotta make a custom map

Yeah i am, but how can you change the loot?

step 1.

create bundles folder in ur map


step 2.

create spawns folder inside the bundles folder


step 3.

copy the Carepackage_America folder (can be found in Unturned\Bundles\Spawns\Carepackage) and put it in your spawns folder


step 4.

change the name of the copied folder and the .dat file inside to the same thing


step 5.

open up the .dat file and remove GUID 1b76901cefef41fb8c4fc626fa07723b and change the id to smth like 23332


open up the spawn table in the ingame spawns editor, change the items inside id and then add the id to ur node


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