Lore,Factions,NPC,and Creating custom content

It would be nice if the upcoming Unturned version has more story to tell,and more factions to side with. It would be more immersive and more alive.
I would like to see NPCs become a real alive being,like they can walk,kill,and die. So there will be a possibility for the player to have companions and human enemies.

I suggest that players can create their custom objects/importing models without paying for UnityPro,instead peoples can import the 3d file directly to unturned creation kit.
Thank you,

You don’t need UnityPro for modding Unturned 3, and 4.x is not running on Unity.


Wait,what? last time i tried to import my models,i can’t create the bundle in Unity i have to buy UnityPro.My memory is fuzzy sometimes

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