Lot of 4.x ideas

  1. Better zombies. There are already 2 levels of zombies: normal zombies (counting diffrent movment styles and special abilities) and mega zombies. In single player play it’s so hard to kill those bosses and to easy to kill normal. Thre should be some kind zombie between first and second level. Maybe fat and spitting? He will have nice drop perfect for killing bigger enemies. And then go with better weaponry fight mega and next defend level 4 boss and collect insane drop.
  2. Loot tiers. I thing that it’s so stupit that military bases is often place for loot. Okey so you are going there and poof! Nothing! You dont have any weapons are even good malee. It can be improved by adding loot tiers. In high securied building like center of military area loot should be increased in less- decreased.
  3. Wingsuit. It’s simple. Equipable, works as mobile glider but does’nt take all of space and have 3 levels. Makeshift (from lather and sticks, slowest). Civilian (Found in civilian houses, faster and stronger). Military (Fastest and strongest, found in military places)
  4. Auto commpresing inventory. An option to max commpress your items and have much place you can.
  5. More melee and shooting stuff. Like: modern axe, karambit, tactical knife (with abbility to cut metal fances), tactical crossbow, flare gun, granade luncher (more cammon than rocket luncher but less powerfull).
    Sorry for mistakes!
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  1. …do you only play on easy? because you forgot sprinters, crawlers, spitters, flamers, and flankers.
  2. …that already exists
  3. but you can already carry gliders (and umbrellas, they do the same thing basically). did you mean it’d act like a glider except you’d wear it and it would glide automatically?
  4. but that removes half the point of the entire system.
  5. but…but why though?

I believe

means Sprinters, Crawlers, etc.


oh, didn’t see that

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  1. A fat zombie would be coolios, so would be to see a little bit of gender equality amongst the undead.

  2. Already exists, it can even be tampered with.

  3. Sure thing, make the game more run’gun!

  4. y tho

  5. pls no

  1. I think flame zombies, crawlers, sprinters and acid zombies give Unturned the term “Minecraft but difficult”

  2. It exists except you can find a RARE gun in a common location

  3. Do we really need one? Plus where does one get a civilian wingsuit or a military wingsuit. Do some random rich ass bought one off amazon and claim it before the apocalypse?\

  4. Called stacking but can be do-able

  5. Melee is under rated and needs to be buffed and we have enough bloody guns to call Unturned more of a battle royale.

Genders for zombies? It would give a reason for more guys do to R34 shit. But honestly, f**k it. I realy would like to see more individual zombies with hair and beard style. I mean our actual zombies look they died from cancer (not funny, one of my grandfathers died from it, too).

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