Loud alarms!

Extremely loud alarms that can be heard from a long distance.
They could be sounded by a supermarket, vehicle or store. (The power and distance of the sound would depend on the origin of the sound).
These alarms could howl animals, so if you see animals running away from the noise, you would know that the alarm was triggered.
They would also attract zombies, generating a large horde in the place, which would make it very dangerous.

Any more ideas?


Wouldn’t you already know the alarm has been triggered by hearing it, why would animals running from the sound help you know that there’s an alarm if you already hear it.


Left 4 Dead moment


POV: You set off an intruder alarm in Project Zomboid. Also, there should be a feature where you are able to disable the alarm.


U destroyed me. Gg Wp

Could help with accessibility for deaf or HOH players

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thanks for saving me <3

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