Love the new Netflix logo





You get a like from me because of your effort :upside_down_face:

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Also known as



excuse me that is not the new netflix logo that is a COMPASS from the game Unturned

Thank you for telling us we could never have figured that out without you. I for one had never even heard of this “Unturned” until you replied. Will Google it shortly.
Edit: Okay gamers so it turns out Unturned is Roblox zombies, but I don’t remember compasses in Roblox so nermal is probably lying (despite the beautiful and trustworthy profile picture)


What is Unturned

Edit: Explain this.

he got you good bro :weary:


Even the murderous psychopath bird thinks this is sad. What has this world come To?

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haha le classic n-wordè

Let’s raid the Netflix offices on September 22nd,
They stole the north, causing global warming!

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Whats an netflix? sorry my grandson put this onto my computer !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

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why you crying. also netflics is video tube i think

But you have to pay, it’s like YouTube gold upgrade

Pay? wtf how is that allowed. they will scam you and take all the money. smh we are in 2006, why is there no common sense?

It’s like 2k vbucks a month, I’d rather buy a pickaxe and John wick

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