Low end pc

The question is: will low end pc able to run unturned 2?]
For example: my pc is gtx 240 and amd athlon ii x2 240, it could run unturned 3.0 even on hight settings.

Im not going do directly answer (because I know little about pc specs)
But I think that normal or low setting will look magnificent compared to anything 3.0 has to offer.
Nelsons goal was to look better and run better
So I wouldn’t worry.
Also how many fps you want?

The dev is finding ways to make the game more optimized and have more settings available to be toned down for performance increase. At the end, it should (And hopefully) run better than Unturned 3.0.

If your device can run Unturned on high settings, then it’s likely that you will have almost no problem with Unturned II, if it is optimized.


Well, it runs high with many problems

30 would be enought… i guess

If 30 is enough for you, then you can turn most of the settings down and it will probably be ok. Like tymexx said, it will still look better than 3.0

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