Low Qaulity MS Paint Review

i have been revived to this graveyard to ask the last remaining corpses on there opinion of my super extremely beta version of a map i want to produce

and yes i did use MS Paint
sue me

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Probably shouldve included this:

USRB - United Socialist Republic of Byron
FFB - Freedom Fighters of Byron

Basic Premise:

A Civil war has destroyed this map resulting in two opposing factions.
(Byron might name change)

Is this a survival map? What size is it? Where would the player spawns be? What tiers of items spawn where?

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Is it set in Wales?

Love the detail

Si Senor

Possibly Medium

Havent decided yet but maybe somewhere along the roads

The Top Area like Eduard and Cynwrig will have military equipment. The Central region will have civilian ammunition and tons of crafting supplies. The Bottom Region will have farm equipment, like crossbows and bows.

Fictious Place in Washington state very north up. (Close to the Canadian border)

what is the map size?(small,medium large?) from what I can see it feels like a small map, any rivers, water points? looks nice to be fair!

I wasnt thinking on including rivers, mainly because i want it to make a hilly plains environment. Definitely small little ponds and lakes but nothing too big.

Arnout Updated

Updated Map

Changed the name of the map to Arnout Plains, added a key, and some random ponds

Looks small

the lakes seem quite huge, water while nice decoration and environment element(barrier and ressource at the same time) in large quantities it can be a waste of space (you could instead of havin ga huge empty unexploitable lake have a venice style city in it) that would make for dynamic original map

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