Lucky 38 Casino - Released


Just finished my first building mod about a year after i started. The lucky 38 towers over the wasteland at a height of 188 meters, which might be the tallest structure ever made for Unturned. It features everything that you would find in Fallout New Vegas, Casino, Presidential Suite, Cocktail Lounge, and the penthouse.
Huge Thanks to IDrmzit for carrying me through this, i would have never finished it.


Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.


It looks a bit to complicated and i do not think it would fit in the current style of unturned.


Well, it’s a good thing that this is a workshop object then, isn’t it?


Yesyes, ofcourse. But that’s why there is an forum. So we can share thoughts and we can agree or disagree on those thoughts. And we could also describe why we disagree or agree.