Lunar Eclipce(Blood Moon)

Once every four seasons there could be a chance of a blood moon where zombies could have the same effect as a full moon from Unturned 3.0, but they could be stronger(higher detection ranges, more damage, etc…)
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Terraria guyz
Nice idea, btw


i like the idea

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That would be great maybe there could be signs that a blood moon is coming like certain zombies coming out like ghost zombies becoming more common and zombie bosses.

Dear Lord, no.

Good idea, nonetheless.

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im 100% for stronger zombies but 100% against special ability zombies (teleporting, ghost)

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Solar eclipse should be a thing

your right there should be blood moons

and heres what the theme should be

ohh yeah and the enemies should be a clown on top of a ball chucking bombs at you

As well as a Vampire and get a moon charm to increase damage at night


Terrarian Blood Moon - Otter (:3) effects:
“Most NPCs have their own unique lines commenting on the event. All female NPCs except for the Party Girl act annoyed or rude.” (terraria.gamepedia)


no wonder my gf was complaining when that super blood moon happend


Yep. The greatest threat of the Blood Moon - survival town/camp full of annoyed girls :3

(it’s just a meme, keep scrolling down)

lol Terraria feels

Moon phases affecting zombies again, huh?

How about something like this?

Full Moon

Zombies have the usual red eyes and increased spawns, along with more aggression and higher spawn rates. Nocturnal zombies are more frequent and also more dangerous as well.

Lunar Eclipse

A strange phenomenon that can make zombie types that usually only appear at night appear during the daytime. They are greatly disturbed from their slumber and will take out their anger on anything that is alive.

New Moon

On nights like these, it’s better to barricade the doors and wait until morning. Infected will seek out any source of light and will stop at nothing to get you.


That sounds like a good idea

beautiful beautiful


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