Major bug/glitch thing

I’m not a server owner and I have no idea what to do when you try to join a server running your map after you release an update and the server updated as well, but you and nobody else can join because it says ‘server is running a modified version of the map’.

I’m tired so this sentence was probably pretty awful lol

Their probably running a workshop map or a slightly edited version of a popular map, I would suggest looking at the workshop content they use and downloading it from the workshop before hand, I wouldn’t class this as a “glitch” or “bug” necessarily.

If you do find an issue or bug report it to this topic in gamedev. Were the community can see if the bug can be fixed without releasing an update

this is the procedure:
say u have a server with 20 ppl in it.

-Update comes out

Everyone must leave the server 1st.

-u update the server
-only now people can join