Make a different Steam page for 2.2.5

Seriously, shifting the versions via beta branch is not good to me: you need to download game files everytime, and this is annoying and if you have bad 56kbps internet or don’t have access to it once in a while, or just want do a quick taste of nostagy and shifting versions like this is annoying.

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Could it be possible to make it downloadable after getting Unturned in your library like for PUBG/H1Z1/R6S test servers ?


Maybe unturned should have all the separate games as separate downloadables. I dunno

It should be possible, and imo the PTR branch should be a separate download just so people instantly know “when there’s new bugs to find.” (This applies to Unturned II and Unturned (version 3).)

However, Classic and Antique don’t really have a reason to be separated. Games that come with multiple things in the Steam library tend to annoy people, and most people will never touch Classic or Antique to begin with. It’s inconvenient, sure, but making them separate doesn’t have much value unfortunately.

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2.2.5 is dead baby

if you experience dial-up download issue make separate folders for 225 and 30 and change them separately

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Don’t see any good reason to give the old versions a store page. It only exists to archive significant periods of Unturned’s development.

Your internet speed is a personal problem, like having a bad PC.