Make "Ballistics" (bullet drop) be a multiplier config instead of bool

Self explanatory I guess? A lot of server owners (including me) don’t like the vanilla guns bullet drop, but we don’t want to disable “Ballistics” config because is way too OP to do not having any bullet drop

With this way, instead of YES, MAKE YOUR BULLETS DROP TO HELL or NO, GET LASER GUNS, you could modify how much bullet drop you want:

Instead of looking like this:
"Ballistics": true/false,

Would look like these (examples):
"Ballistics_Multiplier": 0.0, Literally the same as "Ballistics": false,
"Ballistics_Multiplier": 0.5, Bullets will drop with x0.5 force, meaning you don’t need to increase a lot your aim to hit something
"Ballistics_Multiplier": 1.0, Default config, literally the same as "Ballistics": true,
"Ballistics_Multiplier": 2.0, Bullets will drop with x2 force, meaning you need to increase a lot your aim to hit something


Fun fact: nelson himself has said that the vanilla bullet drop is 4x more than what is realistic

It’s not good for learning the game to have different servers with different drop amounts. Server owners may not like them, but that should not warrant a change to such a core aspect of PvP which would ultimately change the extent to which people can become good at the game, which is a, if not the biggest motivation, behind playing it. A significant issue in this game is a disconnect in what server owners want and what the players want, and this is an example of such.

If there is a problem that a specific gun has unrealistic bullet drop then this should be changed by means of balancing.


Agreed, I doubt we will see any significant changes to the base game ballistics until when/if render distance is improved though, since guns ingame have unrealistic bullet drop intentionally to compensate for the short rendering (and thus engagement) distance.

What you said makes literally 0 sense. No idea if you’re aware, but for example, the third/first person spread/recoil was changed recently so server owners may decide how their server will manage those both, giving more liberty to server owners to have their server as they want for their players, but at first it was locked and no one was able to change this, just like this Ballistic option.

If “learning the game to have different servers with different X thing changed = bad” were true, no one on their curated maps would change the gun ballistic or game progress overall

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It should not be that difficult, is just keeping all the vanilla the guns data as they’re right now (just like any other data from curated maps), but adding a “filter” which should be this multiplier on the world/server config called “Ballistics_Multiplier” when loading the level

I still wanna shoot a Drakunov on Arid without memorizing 25 different bullet drops, because the server owners didn’t like how the bullet drop was configured by default.


Sure, thats why it would be optional


Also from the begin if you didn’t liked the bulletdrop the server owners stablished then why would you stay there? just look for another server where they didn’t changed the bulletdrop and thats all. Also on maps like Arid and Polaris aren’t needed at all a bulletdrop change since they’re well balanced, this is mostly for vanilla maps where bullets seems like were made of osmium and iridium, so your example of Arid is indeed not valid

Not wanting to have more options to change things for servers just because “dont wanna memorizing things from others servers” literally means “uhh me like only what i like and everything should be like this cus i only like this”. No. Thats why you can change the amount of drops from zombies, the timer for airdrops and weather, the spread and recoil from third and first person, the damage to buildables, the amount of vehicles on the server, etc.

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