Make Stealies useful in Singleplayer

IF it is possible; code some cars to be locked from the moment they spawn, since not all cars are unlocked.
Also, if you get out of the car there would be insert a small percentage to be locked after exiting out of it.

Please categorize your future posts.

This would be incredibly annoying in single-player and multiplayer alike. It adds nothing to the game besides just being an unrealistic and unpredictable nuisance.

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Okay, sorry.

My second idea isn’t as good, but what do you think about the first idea?

Maybe like 20% of a car being locked and 100% of a military vehicle/aircraft

OKay, that’s actually pretty balanced

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ahhh yes
guys i’ll be right back
let me just go code my tesla

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Like 1st try :smirk:

Okay now, tell me how was I supposed to word that?

Code some cars’ spawns

theirs a better term

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Oh, my tesla’s firmware just got outdated

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Well, it makes some sense, but still CODE MY FUCKEN TESLA

ok you ruined it

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code my tesla

suck my left nut mine is already coded
its also updated to the next versi-
ahh fuck theres trees growing inside
the coder must’ve put commas instead of decimals

People prefer to just destroy locked vehicles for their scrap.

It’d make more sense for only military vehicles to be locked, with the potential of setting certain vehicles to always naturally spawn locked. Alternatively, only armored vehicles could be able to spawn locked.

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probably cars in garages would make sense to be locked, but there would probably be lots of cars on highways for you to get into because the owners were pulled out by zombies(and your not going to be locking your door then are you ;))