Make the yellow, faceless "zombie" an enemy

no seriously, remember the horde mode demo shown on devlog 18? those fast, soulless enemies, who approached Nelson and stopped in front of him?

that has the perfect potential to be an enemy, even if it’s a disappointing one. No changes should be made. They’re perfect the way they are.

and add wiimote compatibility thanks


those are gone wrong nelsons attacking the real one
in an endless battle to see who can complete unturned ll the quickest.
Its been going on since the dog days of devlog 1.

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they should be a rare enemy found in the darkest corners of the map. They should make a horrifying screeching noise.

nelson should add them and have them spawn only at very specific locations but with a FUCKING INSANELY low spawnrate, like 1 in a million servers will have it. make sure to tell no one its in the game. Like imagine walking into a town and finding a faceless naked player and as you approach it, it randomly screeches and charges you. THAT WOULD BE FUCKING HORRIFYING, it would bring me back to the days of video game urban legends like shooting the duck hunt dog or herobrine. It would be our herobrine. Nelsonbrine.


wait i just realized something
these could be used as experiments
for doctor purposes

never question a doctor
or you’ll end up like count paris

anomaly_II initiated

plus due to lack of recording evidence (1/1,000,000) would make anyone that happens to come across them sound like mental patients trying to explain it to other survivors.


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maybe it should be a boss (add some blue hair and a burgundy hoodie) :wink:

+G-Guys I just sae a fucking faceless survivor near Murky HQ.
-Yeah right, you also saw herobrine, eh?

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No bosses in II pls

the yellow people

they hunger

they will stop at nothing to rend your flesh from your body

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