Make walkie talkies more common

in unturned 3.0, walky talkies are extremely uncommon. they need to be used more imo. same with ear pieces. there should be low quality ones at houses. low quality walky talkies should only be able to communicate with people from medium distances (2.5 seattles) and the military grade one should be for the entire map. they should also work with radios so poeple can make radio stations :flushed:

People just use discord anyways .


they are not that useful, everyone just uses discord


Yup. Third party software will always dominate the communications in multiplayer games.

i dont want to give my base neighbors my discord :cold_face::cold_face:

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Yeah this could be a good idea but i think we should be able to combine multiple features with walkie talkies perhaps give it a module for multiple other features and make them more useful.

maybe they could display your coordinates on the map.

I would like to be able to hide walkie talkies in bushes or between rival clan crates and be able to listen to their talks from my stereo, this is if the others are talking on their mics in area close range.


good idea .

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