Make Yukon great again, remove blizzards and bring back constant gentle snowfall

Title. For those who do not remember, Yukon was once a fun, CQC map with a constant sight range of about 20 meters. This meant that, all over the map, it was close ranged combat - shotguns, pistols, SMGs, and sometimes rifles if you preferred them.

August 15th, 2015

However, the current Yukon is a horrible alternative to what it was, a worse product. This does not give off the Unique QCQ PvP experience of the initial version of Yukon, instead, it is a horrible implementation of a weather system that nobody likes or wants. Its not fun to be interrupted and told to log out or stay in a building for as long as the blizzard goes on - it is an incredibly annoying chance-based interruption of the overall gameplay.

Which do you prefer?
  • Old Yukon
  • New Yukon

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I like actually like the new one, its more reallistic :expressionless:

I would like the player to lose temperature until he starts chilling and taking damage just because he is on the Yukon. The blizzard would only accelerate this loss of temperature.
However, if I had to choose only between the two options, which is the case with this post, I would have the old one.
One way also to keep both forms in the game, was to add an option, exclusive to this map, or not, of infinite blizzard.

How about an almost constant light snow fall and an occasional but rarer blizzard event

That way it’s got the challenge, it’s got the classic aesthetic, and we get to see the northern lights every once in a while when the sky clears up a bit


I prefer the way of Winter Survival, hardcore because you have no visibility, almost no item spawns, and no cursor on the map.

Constant blizzard time let’s goooooo

old yukon was better cuz 5% visibility was like one of the only things that set it apart

realism =/= fun

Falling from the skylimit doesn’t kill you - unrealistic

Or, really, whats the point in me going on about what is unrealistic about the game when @FalkenJr has already done this

Oh, well nevermind, they removed all their artwork off their steam page.


do it yourself instead of bringing me into these threads


also on where that ‘artwork’ went: it’s none of your business
make your case by yourself instead of relying on long deleted posts of mine from 4 years ago


Why the fuck does Rain keep dragging you into these threads, Falken?

I haven’t played unturned in awhile but I did like the constant blizzards, as it was a challenge to aquire gear n what not. I think the reason it was changed was so that the Aura borealis could be added, which, I think is a cool thing. but what would be cooler is if there was a cloudlayer so that the botton was snow and the top is clear skies

If your talking about his space map I think it’s pretty cool.

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I was referring to that, Falken made a bunch of silly little comics a while ago, and one of them addressed the “but that suggestion isn’t realistic!” crowd. He uhh, removed all his artwork on steam, so I cant put it here.

I’m sure that space map is cool, I never saw much of it.

problem? Just choose firefighter (or it’s not firefighter I forgot) perk and level up warmblooded skill.
Voila! You have no blizzard damаge.

A storm that lasts all the time is kind of silly. However, every once in a while it storms, it’s much better. You have to be prepared for storms. And if a storm appears in the middle of a complicated situation ( Raiding, PVP, etc ) , it gets intense.
So I prefer it like the new one.
And by the way, don’t bring in things that have nothing to do with this issue. :confused: It’s annoying.

Btw I played Yukon so much and I can say new Yukon not that worse. This is my favorite hardcore map.

BUT I prefer @CrashLogger’s idea to make different snow variations. Also, It will be cool if temperature thing will be changed a bit and it will add some kind of thermal insulation stat. Better clothing you wear - less damage from blizzard you get.

me too


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