Makeshift ammo in 3.x

Hey, isn’t that possible already? Crafting a makeshift ammo box with lower volume and make it compatible with low-caliber civillian weapons! This is easy to implement as a mod, but it would be really neat in vanilla. And when the per-mag weapon buffs are added, magazines filled with makeshift ammo could be slightly different and be weaker. Also it could be extended to military and ranger calibers. And after this ammo boxes/crates should be less common.
I know it is already suggested for 4.x, but I haven’t seen it for 3.x. But guys, many features from 4.x suggestions could be added to 3.x

Probably because it wouldn’t have been possible until a few days ago.

Not that well, tbh, hence why most suggestions are for U4 and not U3. People don’t want new features to be half-baked.


OK, maybe i said it wrong. But I didn’t mean every single suggestion to be added. There are ones, that are not too difficult to implement, could work properly and can be made as mods even now!