Makeshift and Improvised Weapons

Sigh. This marks my third and final revision of this post. I’ve written it already twice, but there was always something wrong with it so I never published it. Well, here you go, the thrd revision of “Makeshift and Improvised Weapons.”

In Unturned 3, makeshifts are, well, almost useless. Sure, the makeshift rifles are nice and all, and ammo can be crafted for them, but in the end, there’s so many Schofields and Hawkhounds lying around in farms that taking the time and effort to make one is just not worth it. The solution? Make the makeshifts weapons unique and desirable, able to compare and be used side-by-side with modern weapons. I even took time to name thrms!


A makeshift knife made from a piece of scrap metal sharpened aginst concrete, then wrapped with tape to form a handle.

Spiked Bat
A baseball bat with nails driven into it.

A modern take on the ancient Aztec club of the same name, with razor blades replacing the obsidian.


A makeshift single-shot shotgun.

A repeating pistol made from sheet metal.


The pinnacle of improvised weaponry, a fully automatic handmade submachine gun.


A pistol-caliber carbine made from a paintball gun.


A makeshift rifle.


Wish there was some sort of modified nailgun


You asked, therefore thou shall receive.


What about Makeshift axes, Pickaxes, and Crossbows?

(Yes, I know this is about weapons, not tools, but they count as weapons as well)


You forgot the name for that!
Btw nice concept, I wish there was more of these also in 3.0, even if as you said its extremely easy to find weapons so at the end of the day it might be not worth (except maps where loot is rare for some reason).

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Thoughts upon muskets? (Makeshift notably inaccurate sniper, one shot kind of load thing), slingshot (and improved varient), potato gun, a makeshift sword (with some kind of cool design, like hacking serrated one edge or so) also decent wood cutting ability).

And I want some decent makeshift armor too…

(Say nearly military, slightly below but actually reasonable to repair, more storage).

And makeshift (vary shoddy) cloth clothing.

Nelson said that factorio will be a big inspiration for 4.0.

Crafting may be one of the core mechanics of unturned II.


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The Macuahuitl is kindof a makeshift sword.

Placeable raw explosives as a C4 weaker makeshift substitute when?

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When hell freezes over.
I want gunpowder barrels or tannerite or something like that though.


But yeah that’ll do. Maybe you’ll needs chemicals or metal scraps to do such thing?

Also not to mention that I’m “slightly” joking. Raiding shouldn’t be a main thing in 4.0. Didn’t added /s because eh.

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Maybe for hunting rodents or the like, but I feel a sling, or even a sling staff would be a more practical inclusion.

Have you ever tried to sharpen a saw blade? Maybe a blade could be modified to have a serrated edge, but the basic makeshift blade should just be a plain, simple blade.

They should be made from three main pieces; stocks, barrels, and lockwork.

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except it isn’t a real weapon. But, cosmetic customization of firearms would be sick! Seeing someone in game with an M16 that looks like this would be cool.

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I think Muskets should be Easter Egg weapons, think MK 2 but it’s just the cursed pirate bit. If you’ve seen the Fallout 76 trailer from E3 you saw the black powder pistol. It’s high damage, almost one shorting the guy in full combat armor, but it has a long reload time and piss poor accuracy. It’s an interesting idea yet not very practical, like the Zwihander (idk how to spell it). Fun to get, but no reason to use it

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Well a sniper for somewhat accurate 125m combat could be nice for low spec players.

Reasonable? Bottom tier sniper, Albert Craftable, and with the modifications the guns will be able to have, maybe they can be improved… Somehow… Or at least act as primary melee weapon (as a long reaching spear, safe zombie killing :woman_zombie:, with a “Melee mode” toggle) with I dunno, a pocket assault rifle for other situations.

Or more comparable, the Craftable automatic sidearm.

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When I think of makeshift weapons I think of Rust and Metro. People don’t like Rust clones for some reason so I’ll talk about Metro. Metro (while having a much higher level of detail, I know) has a system for designing weapons where they model it to show parts that look like actual things. The pneumatic gun, for example, is made out of a bike. I’m Exodus there are weapon sights made of coins, and the bastard guns is a mess. They work as either sidegrades, as is the case with the Revolver and the Ashot, serving more or less the same purpose. Downgrades like the Kalash to the bastard. Or they fill a weird niche like the pneumatic or the bow thing as amazing stealth weapons. This is what Makeshift guns should be is just a valid option. Obviously actual guns like the Kalash or the RPK will be better all around but the makeshift guns can keep up.

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The 125 meters is already territory of the Schofield and the Hawkhound (or similar civ weapons in 4.0). I think it should be a high risk high reward weapon, risk bayonet charging someone and you’ll pretty much one shot them, if you miss your shot you’re out of luck.

(Technically they have 200m range, anyway I believe we won’t have the issue of bullets disappearing, just drop and damage falloff)

Meleing with all guns has already been planned, if not implemented.

If you put a rifled barrel on a musket, it could, theoretically, be one of the most accurate weapons available. Different lock mechanisms could be used to provide lower maintenance, faster prepping, or higher reliability.

Well 125 meters is still in 200 meters but that’s besides the point, why use a 1 shot inaccurate rifle with a long reload animation when I could use a fucking Mosin Nagant with that sweet succulent 5 round stripper clip