Makeshift ghillie suit

what if we could find leaves and chop grass off the ground with a knife and create makeshift ghillie suit parts. it would have very low storage. the military-grade ghillie suit would be much better


no just no cos ghille suits are expensive as heck real life and they shouldnt be like craftable only fndable at military bases


It is interesting, but as the friend above said, ghille suits must be rare as they give a certain advantage, and a survial zombie/pvp game where nobody knows where the other is could be a bit boring.


but its makeshift, so it will be really low quality. you wont be as camoflaged and it will have minimal storage

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I support more makeshift stuff, I think the game, as a survival based game, sould have a little more stuff to build yourself. Which by what I havev understood it will have.
But it doesn’t take away the fact that it has to be balanced.

there could be like 2 different makeshift ghillie equipment, Ghillie suits and ghillie sheets.
(ghillie sheet, like a cape ish ghillie thing. It has an actual name I dont know what, If you know please enlghten me :slight_smile: )

this thing)

a few ways to balance makeshift ghillie suits/sheets could be:

  • to make it have no inventory space at all
  • make it heavier than a syntethic ghillie piece (military grade ghillie equipment)
  • causes you to be easier overencumbered and causes decreased agility

on the other hand some pros could be:

  • cost efficiency
  • repair cost
  • customisation versitality (making it easier to adapt to different seasons)

just some other stuff I got to think about while making this

2 wariants of makeshift ghillie equipments

  • sheets
  • suits

about sheets

  • cheapest to craft
  • works best while crouching or lying down
  • heaviest
  • agility loss
  • has no inventory space

about shuits

  • camouflages you good in any position
  • uses normal clothing as a base in its crafting
  • has additional invetory space because of tha normal clothing under it
  • weights less

nah,kinda op

Even if it had low storage it would still be op cos it would work pretty well in a game

more makeshift sutff !


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