Makeshift items and other things

-MAKESHIFT GUNS makeshift rifle , makeshift pistol and makeshift automatic rifle

-MAKESHIFT VEHICLE’S : crafted using wehicle parts like doors and wheels ( more types of wheels) all makeshift vehicles should be different from each other (depending on what items you used ) including speed and handling

-MAKESHIFT CLOTHES : camouflaged clothing is created using leafs , to apply more storage in your shirt you can create pouches with leather to a reasonable limit affecting your movement speed . All makeshift items should be different from each other ( more leafs -more camo ,less protection , less space to apply pouches )

-MAKESHIFT BUILDINGS : you can camouflage walls and all buildings , there should be makeshift sentry guns that dont use rangefinders to make people less raid .Sentry guns should come equipped with guns ( pistol sentry - small, can fit in the top corners like a camera , rifle sentry , long range , shotgun sentry ,close range , automatic sentry - medium range )
once sentry is destroyed it dosent drop anything

Tell me what you think



Tell meh why

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Makeshift Wiki

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extra ! great ideas ! i agree !

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I like the idea of the makeshift clothing, but its bound to happen. This stuff is basically already in 3.0, from the leather clothing to the makeshift guns and vehicles,
I do not however agree with camouflage building and clothes in general, as they are more PvP centered and 4.0 is supposed to be more PvE.

If your house is hidden, PvP becomes less of a necessity.

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I think this should be very unstable and break quickly
Bu the rest is OK, and I think should be added.

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Given that in 4.X, attachments will impact weapon size, and barrels and stocks will be included in the attachment system, pistols and rifles could be converted back and forth. I think that realistic makeshift weapons would include flintlocks (possibly the lock plate could be swapped between matchlock, flintlock, wheellock, caplock, and Maynard lock) makeshift bolt actions (would be single shot, but could possibly be converted to magazine loading) and makeshift SMGs (not great ones, just simple blowback, tubular receiver subguns)

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