Makeshift stuff

I really don’t know how to explain this anymore, but we need a return of the nail bat, as well as some other weapons. I don’t know if someone has said this before but yeah.

makeshift bayonet

  • basically tape a knife to a a gun and yeah. Though you would have to sacrifice a roll of tape to do so.

makeshift tac light

  • tape a flashlight to a gun, sacrifice tape as well.

**toilet paper roll sight. **

  • yes I just said that. Use a the cardboard thing on toilet paper rolls as a makeshift sigh, maybe use tape and some pieces of wood. Its probably better than nothing xd

makeshift knife

  • get a sharp piece of wood or glass or stone, use a tape roll to make it safer to hold, and then stab zombies with it.

makeshift spear

  • tape sharp thing to end of stick. Stab zombie


  • Bendy stick, stretchy string. Finished


  • use some metal pipe and some other stuff. These would probably be one shot before each reload.


  • 4 sticks, 1 flat piece of wood, tape. Smack zombies with chair or sit on it.


  • use a hollow piece of wood/metal, use string or a timer to detonate it… I dunno

I need to stop

  • yeah

Slap stuff together to make it useful

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Realistically, you would be better off just aiming by looking down the length of the barrel than you would be using a sight that is either poorly secured or poorly aligned, but the way sights will likely work in-game every one of a type of sight will likely be aligned the same, and no sights will ever lose alignment. I’m not sure if the game lacking the mechanics that would distinguish such a style of makeshift sight means they would be viable enough to be worth including or that they shouldn’t be included because without those features the ability to easily produce identical perfectly usable sights in any situation couldn’t be properly balanced.

I really don’t know xd, I just think it would be something more goofy xd

Top 10 Life Hack And Pranks!

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Oh, you must be lost. You’ll find #memes :point_left: over there :point_left:

She but there was only 1 think that wasn’t serious. The rest is.

What I do know is, a roll of toilet paper works as a single-use silencer.

Sure, the shot will sound like this:

Technically it would make a gun louder because it has no baffels, but whatevs

Pretty sure I read somewhere that you could zero your sighs, so it’s possible that sights that you find in 4.x may require alignment as well as zeroing to work properly on that gun… otherwise you’ll be more accurate firing from the hip XD

You’ll be more accurate shooting ads than hipfiring ALWAYS because the bullets have no spread when you ads. Also, zeroing and alignment have nothing to do with each other. Zeroing is adjusting the scope so you can aim at the very center, and it hit (or at least judging the distance and adjusting for it).

Where did I say they were the same thing? Where? Tell me. What I was saying, is that if your sights were misaligned or poorly zeroed, you’d be more likely to hit something shooting by instinct rather than trying to use sighs that will make you not hit your target.

PS: does anyone know the difference between accuracy and precision? Accuracy is hitting where you are aiming for, precision is hitting the same spot, even if it’s not where you’re aiming. If your gun is making precise groupings below and to the left of where you’re aiming, then adjust your scope or sights till you are accurately landing precision shots where you’re aiming.

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There ya go. You said, since zeroing is kind of confirmed, alignment is as well.

My bad, absolutely said that it’s confirmed. /s

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