Making a Kuwait/More Farming stack compat -- pls send help

I’m attempting to make a small patch mod for the Kuwait map to add recipes to More Farming, to allow stacks of Tape/Glue/Rope to be crafted with Kuwait’s overrides.

The problem is I’m reading and re-reading the docs (GitHub and Steam) and I can’t seem to figure out why it isn’t working.
I’ve gotten as far as getting a crafting recipe to register, but it doesn’t show the output properly, and actually attempting to craft it doesn’t work.

Issues I suspect:

Its Master_Bundle_Override is set as morefarming.masterbundle , and its Bundle_Override_Path is set as /Supply_Tape10 (as More Farming puts its item folders in its root folder). There might be something that I’m missing regarding this.

I didn’t set a GUID, as I didn’t know what to put it to except that I probably shouldn’t keep it as something that already exists.

Anybody got any suggestions? I can send the edited .dat file if it’d help.

I suggest copy-pasting the .dat file in a preformatted code block. (And linking to any relevant mods as well, just in case someone isn’t familiar with More Farming Mod).

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