Making a map on Rio de Janeiro, any ideas/suggestions?

in case you want to join the rio discord.


So, i have been working on the concepts for rio and i plan it to be curated. Any suggestions?

My suggestion: Make it good

Having a decent amount of trees and adapted colors.

will do my best!

can do, just need to figure out how to make it work on some materials

Good Luck !

Thank you!

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Dense tree cover and some old ruins (maybe old WW2 era bunkers, perhaps?) would make outside of the main city interesting. I think 60% of the map should be pretty much city, and the rest would be outskirts and such. I think this map could have some very, very cool urban combat but also some dense forest/jungle combat as well.

Good luck with the map, btw!

Thanks! Im making a note on these suggestions. Dense tree cover is a good idea. the map so far has 3 cities, and since i missed one, i think i could add a city.

again, thanks for the suggestions and for the good luck wish!

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