Making a shooter

I’m making a top-down stealth based shooter, if you have any suggestions; put them in your reply.
Also, if you have a name for this game; put it in the reply too.

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“And if you have anyway to teach me how to code or create assets; put it in the reply too. I don’t know how to make games.”
Good luck :ok_hand:


Here you go.
All you have to do is use google, I found both of these in under 2 minutes.

Get to work

Also in the future if you need a website for your game/company, I’m working to earn a Web Development Cert off of EDX.

Make it in unreal, or you will have some issues in unity. Unreal even have a template for a top-down game.

Afaik Unreal’s framework for 2D still isn’t as good as it could/should be. Unity (or GM) might be better.

You could literally call it “Top-Down” referencing the perspective and the gameplay, as in the Stealth aspect. I know it’s a stupid name, but hey, it’s a name.

He didn’t say that it is 2d.

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That’s fair enough, top-down can still be 3D. I assumed you meant using Unreal for 2D though, since it looked like you replied to NarcolepticHound, who had given a 2D Unity guide.

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It is 2d. ten characters

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