Making an island chain map. What would you like to see in it?

My first attempt at a map. Making it Insane-sized, as only a good 40% is going to be walkable land. What would you like to see included?

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ship crashes, one of the islands has a waterfall, and another one has a lil zombie civilization.

your main way to get food is by going to raid ships, and killing animals.

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While I can’t promise I’ll ever finish the map, Shipwrecks and a small town are my big priorities.

Lots of boat usability, caves, good towns for combat, make good loot feel like you worked for it. Other than that I think you should just have fun making the map.

I’m totally going to prioritize loot rarity. If you want a gun early on, you’re gonna build that shit yourself or run into danger headfirst for something that might not even have spawned in at that location for the past 20 loot runs. Boats and docks will be abundant for obvious reasoning, and I’m not sure about Caves but I’m going to include at least one small town and one ‘military’ base, just to make loot scarcer and more dangerous to obtain.

I’m working on unlocking the Insane Template now, as all my concepts are mapped out already.

references to dead island, and waterfalls the lead to cave systems, maybe a main city island and a couple smaller military themed islands (don’t forget a militia hideout)

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Hey, maybe custom NPC quests?

underwater caves

What I’d recommend is making faster boats and planes rarer and only having things like jetskis and runabouts in the starting area.

A true underwater exploration experience

Underwater caves that are explorable by boat

If there underwater how will a boat be able to explore it? :thinking:

partially submerged

For real, meaningful underwater areas. Make something that would be fun to explore. Perhaps even something super deep, that only gets darker the further you go…

Everyone’s talking about underwater and underground locations on the islands, but I think it would be cool to have a prison, and one that is heavily guarded and very hard to get to and from. The island that it stands on would be small compared to other islands.

It’s up to you whether you want to have an O’Leary-like prison or a Fernweh-like prison.

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