Making animal hunting a bit easier

Adding traps for animals would make it a bit more easier for the player to obtain meat and lather. Although the player may need to craft the traps. I’m thinking of a certain type of food to lure a certain animal towards the trap. I was also wondering if these guys look on steam for suggestions?

Why is this in the meta?

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  1. I’m decently sure this has already been suggested, but not sure if it’s on Nelson’s Trello yet.

  2. Is this for U4 or U3???

Who has difficulty to hunt? I just run them over with a car, except for deers, those are fast.

Bruh just shoot them

Trapping is a waste of materials

They should make it harder /:

how would traps make it easier? just shoot them, how is hunting animals hard

come and take a ride on my big green tractor

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We can go slow or make it go faster.


down through the woods and out to the pasture