Making NVG useful

With the current state of Unturned, a lot of players adjust their desktop colour settings and increase the gamma to be able to basically see daytime all the time. A lot of casual or not as experienced players may not do that and therefore have a huge disadvantage. Even if you do find NVG’s you still have a disadvantage using them as your eyes are either bright white or green to other players - which especially at night-time is very obvious.

My suggestion is to firstly remove the bloom effect on them, which makes them so visible to others from further distances. Secondly give NVG effects even in third person, so players which play on TPP most of the time don’t have a reason to use gamma settings. Those suggestions may not make the most sense realistically, but from a gameplay point of view it would only make sense in my opinion.

For me personally there is absolutely no reason to use NVG at all, and I mostly have them on (but turned off) for either cosmetic reasons or I use them to get a couple scrap metal out of them. Its unfortunate that players are almost forced to “cheat” not to have this disadvantage.


Unfortunately, this applies not only to NVGs, but also to many other items that were intended to be useful, but in reality the players found nothing to use for them.

However, I must admit that from my personal experience using Nightvision is not so bad.
By the fact, NVGs in really old versions of the game shone almost like a second sun, but only the green color. So that we have now is still a completely calming result. In addition, it also depends on the lighting on the map.

So, if Nelson will edit and make color adjustments and add the ability for the NVG to work in a third person. It will be absolutely perfect.

It’s only my opinion, but honestly, for me NVG working fine and, it’s not so useless, at least for me :>

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I was more on about how its being seen from other players, as the NVG brightens up a lot and therefore its not hard to spot. I don’t really have a problem with how the NVG looks to the player wearing it.


I remember this was a thing a whileeer ago


This is already a thing in DayZ btw, in a zombie survival game which is much more realistic than Unturned.



(screenshots are taken from DayZ Wiki page)

i feel like they should be a little more common too maybe if they get buffed, or maybe night vision could just be removed and nelson changes nights default brightness to like be as bright as curated maps

but yea as it stands no real reason to use NVGs as long as gamma boosting is a thing

On all maps, relatively all the nights is quite bright, and at least something, even without gamma, can be seen. In any case, on some curated maps (Arid, Elver, Polaris ~afaik), Nightvision is implemented quite cleverly, Since there are many underground locations where there is absolute darkness, this is why you will need a night vision device. But this cannot apply to default vanilla maps, since there are few such locations, and even if they exist, it is not dark there.

Honestly it would be nice to see NVGs be more useful to players. Because some of us cant adjust gamma on older monitors nicely and we get a a bad disadvantage in pvp situations at night and then were just kinda stuck. Sniping at night is nearly impossible with nightvision on because everyone sees you from a kilometer away.

I’ve got a monitor from 2019 and for me, it isn’t that it is old and can’t do it but that there is a defect on it. The menu control on my monitor is dead so I’m permanently locked to my current settings.

Depending on the game/map, I can’t see at all at night because of the large windows in my dorm room. Nice for not needing to turn on the lights all day, but blinds you and makes it hard to focus on the screen if the time is right.

I think a long time ago (when unturned youtube was actually interesting to watch) I stumbled upon one of those cheat showcase video spammers (that probably gift a nice trojan to whatever underage idiot clicking the links they provided) and these cheats had an option to turn on NVG without having the NVG and worked in third person. So it can be done, the question is will that be done. We’ve come full circle from the times of everyone using gold aviators to hide NVG to the point when even wearing a fucking headlamp removes your equipped cosmetic glasses and now thinking of making it as it was before again.

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IIRC NVGs affected third-person in the past, but were changed to first-person to disincentivize third-person combat.

Maybe this proposal goes hand in hand with proposals like Night time visibility, gamma boosting and nightvision?

What if there were heat vision goggles? You would see basic outlines of terrain and objects. Players would be a bright white, this would help locating ghillie players and zombies wouldn’t be as bright since they are dead and don’t give off as much heat.

Basically legit ESP. Probably could be done, but how does one balance that? By rarity?

If you want actual ESP just reduce render distance :joy:

But that’s for another day…

Nah man, I want to see loot from more than 2m away.

How come players render in at reduced render distance, but any structures and resources don’t?
Like it actually lets you see players behind objects, or make its super easy to spot them further away in the open :upside_down_face: Some people have just been abusing this, and especially on larger maps there is almost no need for actual hacks if you can just reduce the render distance instead.

Ive noticed shooting someone behind a wall will say you deal damage but you actually don’t.

You wont be able to shoot them through objects even if they didn’t render in, but you can use it to see people within locations or the open from miles away

Post process color correction to combat this way of cheating? Might make it look bad when you mess with display settings, but not like the players do it cause they need the game to look good. If they still try the game looking bad while the advantage is mostly gone would be thier fault. Not sure how you would identify when to use it though.

I think the best way to do it would be redo the lighting for during night, and also doing the reworks p9 mentioned. Also, NVGs should be able to be covered up by glasses cosmetics IMO.