Making the weapon material more metallic by making it more reflective, can create a new experience for Unturned

I’ve always wondered why they don’t add reflected materials to unturned, as in unturned 2, there were just beautiful reflections of weapons. In fact, the smoothness/metallic materials innovation alone would have made the game even more enjoyable and more beautiful, even brought the game to the level of the unturned 2 version. In Unity, it seemed to be done through the smoothness/metallic parameter, I just don’t know how to put it better about what I wanted to say :smiley:

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There are reflections on vanilla weapons. I tried it out on some of my weapons. But it’s way too much work for me atleast.
Here’s my attempt on the volcanic pistol that I made.


Aghh, my eyes—it’s so bright.


I toned it down :slight_smile:

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