Manual Transmissions and Stick-Shifts

I haven’t received a key for the vehicle demo for II (yet :rage:), but from what I’ve heard, the cars now actually shift through the gears as they accelerate. It would be neat to have an option that changed the gearbox from automatic to manual, and you could assign keys to shift up, down, and clutch. This could even be worked into the game as a survival aspect, with having the old and antique vehicles ONLY available with manual transmissions, so if one didn’t know how drive a stick-shift, they would be stranded. Not sure if anyone else has ever heard this saying, but I have multiple times: “Knowing how to drive a stick-shift a good skill to have because that may be the only vehicle available when the apocalypse rolls around.”


Shift to up a gear, ctrl to lower a gear. Simple as pie, except pie is sorta hard to make.


Don’t forget to clutch!


Boi, you are not a regular on the forum, and i have only seen you like, 3 times since January. You are not going to get a key for the driving test.


Prolly not…

Seems like a neat idea but I think it would be difficult to implement because a normal clutch requires a gradual increase/decrease, especially when starting from first gear. So unless you’re playing on a controller or something you couldn’t really use the clutch.

But other than that I really like this concept

Perhaps, but Beamng.Drive seems to handle one on keyboard fairly well. If all the clutch did was disconnect the axle from the gears before shifting, then maybe a simplified system, such as revving the engine without adding any momentum, would work as a fair comprimise.

Forget the clutch. To add manual transmission option Nleson would literally take 3 minutes. Add Input to low and up gears and the command to do so. Then make the option to switch from automatic to manual. Even less than 3 minutes.

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The ability to add manual shifting is something I wanted because whenever I tried to do a burnout, the car kept going back and forth from 1st gear to 2nd gear, then back to 1st gear, and again to 2nd gear.

Not to mention the awful timing of gear shifting when automatic

Have Shift for gear up, and Ctrl for gear down

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Manual shifting does feel more “responsive” in many cases (going off of experience with other games). Shift and Ctrl would be nice keybinds for the shifting, but like everything else, I think the keybinds should be open to remapping in the options.

That shouldn’t even be a question. Everything should be customizable. Especially when it comes to controls, otherwise it’d be a bad game. But, since it’s just a beta now, we looked over it

The timing is tuneable, Nelson just needs to change one value, probably is in half of a second now.


Sadly, I just use stick shifts to speed up the vehicle faster (in games)

If I tried doing that in real life like I do in games, (instantly turning it to 5th gear) I would probably blow up the car somehow.

How in the world would shifting instantly to 5th gear speed the vehicle up, even in games?? :smiley:

Try playing brick rigs. And a few other games. It’s how I get me o’l rocket powered trains to speed up. Except I don’t use the rockets.

I dunno.

Would be cool to see wheel/pedal/H-shifter support.

You wouldn’t blow up the engine by launching in 5th gear, it’s just that you’d be lugging your engine (aka making it work harder than it needs to for the speed you’re currently going) and you’d end up burning out your clutch within very short order and would need to replace it. Even launching in 2nd gear is bad for your clutch.

If manual transmission is added then is a rev counter needed as well?


I do think manual transmission should be added, but I don’t think it’s that easy to implement as you have to change the way the car accelerates, has traction and is able to climb hills for the amount of rpm the engine is running in it’s gear.