Many ideas!

Hello, Nelson! I’m talking about updates. I have several ideas, but first I would like to optimize the game for weak PCs, many need it! Here are my ideas:

  1. Make the transport better: add the trunk, engine, gearbox, glass and that they will open: doors, hood, trunk. Make weak spots in cars, for example, when someone opens the hood, there will be an engine, and when he removes traffic. And add the following transport: MonsterTrack, motorcycle, bicycle.
  2. The editor of persons (only for gold accounts).
  3. Working TVs and computers. In the computer there will be several ordinary games (for example, tetris). Do it so that you can load your music into the tape recorder.
    4.Super armor, which is difficult to break (well, something like the armor of Jagernaut).
  4. Upgrade the model of some weapons: AA-12, Minigun.
  5. A mini-map that you can move anywhere!
    Well, that’s probably all. If I think about anything else, I’ll let you know, I think you’ll understand all my ideas!)) Good luck !!!:grin::grin::+1::+1:
    I’m Russian and translated from Google translator, some words you can not understand.