Many very many types of Zombies

It will be cool if On Unturned you can encounter different type of zombies
my ideas:
Fast Zombie: Run very very fast and punch and scratch u faster but if u hit them on the legs with a critical he will die
Crawler Zombie: Very slow but very high critical hits, sneaky AF
Swimmer Zombie: They can’t go into the water but they can swim and catch you
Radioactive Zombie: A zombie that can run and if hit u 1 time u will get poisoned and istantly losing Hp
Zombie with big Melee Weapons: They can launch the Weapon to you and cause Instant punch kill
Zombie with Gas Tanks: they wear them like backpacks and if u shot into the body they will explode causing high explosion damage

Various types of turneds are already well confirmed, I personally hope to see dozens of types of turneds, since turneds that run and / or jump as much as the player, but are fragile; the slow and gigantic turneds, capable of even puncturing tank armor!
These mutant versions could arise because the virus came from another dimension, so their existence in the game becomes plausible.

It is this kind of variety of content that makes it difficult to play and / or makes it fun that increases the life of the game.


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