Map creation


Hello, wanted to ask what will be better many small Villages in big forests or a big town?

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It is up to you and your audience, and map setting.

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Yes i know but just wanted to know what will better looking i just dont know make cities or villages

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Try adding some “small villages” around the map (preferably near spawnpoints.) with 1 or 2 big cities at the center (or the “high end” of the map). I’m sure that would work out in most cases.

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Yeah okay ill try it for sure! i added some small “outposts” near the border and a shelter

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Mix it up

Have large forests with small villages or camps in them

and on the outside of the forests have big towns

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Just make sure you don’t have too many or there will be next to no pvp


I want to make a hardcore map not an pvp

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