Map Discussion and Analysis 2

What map size do you prefer?

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

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Also what are you thoughts how some maps like Russia tier there spawns (player/items) vs a map like Washington. Where as in Russia you spawn at the bottom with lower tier loot and have to work your way up. Or as in Washington where both player and loot spawns are more scattered?

  • Tiered like Russia
  • Tiered like Washington

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What are your thoughts?


The reason why I like how Washington is tiered is because it allows the players to be able to find loot and there’s an overall balance of that loot throughout the map. While on Russia or similar maps players all spawn at like the bottom of the map and have to make a 100 mile hike to find decent or good loot to defend themselves. Most of the time those players will get killed by other players who have already obtained that loot. So then they spawn and repeat. Which can be unenjoyable for some players as they can’t get anywhere except for farms without getting killed by decked players.

it would be nice if you had an insane size option

I prefer russia’s tiering over washington but I don’t really like either. I think that military convoys like in washington mixed with russia style loot increases is the best really

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I actually thought about adding that option, but I kept the vanilla options.

Scotland map coming soon

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