Map Editor Update Bugs / Troubleshooting

Since the update released, a lot of bugs have happened. Some will be mentioned here, by me:

Starting off with this, of course

Elver (@danaby2 please fix)

This was already fixed 14h ago


Something I came across is that while browsing the materials/foliage tab and moving the slider you can still apply materials/foliage if you aren’t precisely on it which can get quite annoying


my bad, I haven’t updated elver

has anyone figured out how to palce trees

Place specific trees or?

You can place individual trees from the Foliage tools, with the Exact mode.

I WAS IN THE BAKE MODE!!! silly me.


edit : WHERE ARE MY TREES :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

man about to have a breakdown :frowning:

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Wanted to quickly jot down some of the issues I’ve experienced so far:

-The undo shortcut undoes your last terrain change, even if the tool is not selected. This also occurs after making other changes such as object manipulation. (Ex: paint grass, move sedan object, hit undo, both the sedan move and terrain paint are undone at the same time).

-When saving, exiting, and reloading a world (or in general loading up a previously edited world), some materials will may be removed or replaced, instead, showing a GUID type of text in its tile slot. Of course, my game decided to not replicate this issue at the time of posting despite doing it quite often earlier.

-The missing foilage objects and such were already mentioned and noticed, as well as Pelks’ gif of painting while scrolling.

Besides those, this update has been really epic. Loving all the new tools, visuals, & such :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it was answered in GitHub / SDG Blog Q/A page but here are some recent bugs related to landscape holes.

  • Newest landscape cut (hole) tool works in a way that expands the hole if you upgrade it from legacy’s hole volume placed in devkit.

  • I think after Underground Whitelist was added, in some places a rare bug appeared in which a literal kill zone was appearing at the gap between object collider and landscape hole.

First time I experienced it was when I made my first map for an RP server of a friend of mine: when I placed Bunker #3 (Moscow metro) object in a Hole Volume and expanded whole metro entrance with Greece Beams. And now I have a little bit of deja vu when I experience it again on a Driftless map, which has this issue on a Deadzone (Scorpion-7 lab) location.

This is discussed in the blogpost.

“Previously, each pixel of the terrain was tested against the hole colliders which meant they had pixel-perfect precision, but did not scale well with larger numbers of holes. Now the holes are represented as a texture which has approximately the same resolution as the heightmap.”

EDIT: Basically, it is unlikely that your converted hole will be the same size and shape as your devkit hole. Once you’ve removed the devkit hole, you should go back and tidy up the area. Paint a bigger/smaller hole if needed, and add objects such as boulders to cover up jagged edges.

I reported this a couple days ago—it’s a known issue. Specifically, what is typically missing are modded trees. In order for a foliage asset (i.e. grass, trees, bushes…) to appear in the foliage list, they need to have an .asset file that specifies their baking properties.

We’re investigating workarounds for custom foliage assets that haven’t had these properties specified. E.g., a default option if specific baking rules do not exist.

EDIT: However, I suggest that custom content creators to go back and add specific baking properties to their trees/resources anyways. You can use the vanilla trees as a reference. Navigate to: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Bundles\Assets\Landscapes\Foliage\Resources. Some good reference files are: Metal_0_Foliage.asset and Washington_Pine_0.asset.

Search tools are currently available on the PTB. :small_smile_zombie_:

EDIT: Also on the PTB are per-tool strength settings, and the ability to removed baked foliage, which you’ve asked about as well.

Howdy doodle. Ive not yet seen any post made about these next two bugs so here ya go:
(Im unfamiliar with the image uploading system for this forum so apologies if this initially posts without them.)

Smoothing can reveal the edge of tiles, forming a grid pattern on some hilly map areas. This is not just a visual bug, it seems that the smoothing at edges isnt quite working correctly.

Charts are unable to see terrain above a certain height, meaning that large patches of missing terrain are shown where the height is over.

Lastly ive been able to get an image of the material issue id talked of earlier. This is probably related to workshop content much like foliage, as normal materials (russia, yukon, etc) are not commonly affected by this. When loading up the map in the editor, there is a chance that a material, or multiple, will become a string of letters and numbers (most likely their GUID?). (The white spots are the corrupted material, instead of the dirt its supposed to be.)

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