*Map editor update teaser* i have no words

Wait underground facilities in unturned weren’t just created by having low terrain level o na hole???

As Nelson said, maps added to the game before hole volumes were introduced (December 2016) used low terrain level. The same applies to things like tunnels through mountains/hills, which have a fake grass (or fake snow) object on top of the tunnel.

The Russia map has no holes at all. The underground metro, and the bunkers, are just placed over really low terrain.

Holes were added for Hawaii and Germany. PEI was updated with a small hole at some point (replacing what was originally just low terrain level), but the other maps have not been updated.


I see that must be why I never knew holes were in unturned, thanks a lot!


A lot of bugs happened


  • Resources from collections can’t be deleted in devkit, and after the update it’s not possible to delete them even in legacy map editor (because tools have been moved).

I don’t know if this post is still relevant to discuss these update imperfections, that’s why I’ll upload other bugs in different post - https://forum.smartlydressedgames.com/t/map-editor-update-bugs-troubleshooting

edit 3: multiply the strength of the smooth tool by several thousand. raise/lower only work well at 0.005 strength while the smooth tool needs like 50

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Hey, forum-goers!

Thank you for all the pre-update hype, and all the feedback following it! In hindsight, it was an obvious oversight to not have prepared any new guides/videos for these tools despite having done so in the past for both of the map editors.

Today, we’ve posted a blogpost that covers many of the frequently asked questions regarding the merged terrain tools. Please continue to send us helpful feedback – we appreciate it. :small_smile_zombie_:

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after using the editor a bit more recently i have a few more feedbacks :
When alt clicking to sample a height/material, the little dropper icon dosent appear

In the devkit, u can use numbers (1,2,3) to switch between the heightmap, splatmap, tiles, etc. It’d be nice to have this ported into legacy (phaps for all the other tabs too)

Its kinda annoying how this little button in the bottom left moves, perhaps it should be moved to the very bottom


Search bars.

Right now the foliage/resource tab looks a bit icky in terms of names, perhaps resources should take the name from the english file from the specified resource GUID?

Make the editor remember tool settings. e.g. i use the Paint [Q] tool under Foliage, i exit and re-enter the editor, and it’s back to Bake [E]

Idk if I’m being silly but to my knowledge it’s now not possible to place resources on objects? phaps someone knows some black magic that can be done to fix this idk


The Paint brush doesn’t currently allow for this, but the Exact tool can let you place resources on objects.

the Exact tool can not let you place resources on objects

Are you sure it’s not an issue inherent to the custom assets? E.g., does that part of the plane actually have collision, or is it not walkable?



Damn that’s a big metal bird wing

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image not gonna lie looks cursed


another suggestion for the foliage tool :
rn pressing shift/ctrl on the Exact mode dosen’t do anything, perhaps it should bring up the ball and allow you to delete exactly like the paint tool. it’s kinda filddy havign to switch between the two

Have you changed the Surface Mask value? This feature doesn’t have a proper editor yet (likely revisited after the Unity 2020 LTS update currently available as a public beta branch), but the default value is 1802240.

Thank you molton montro.

Molton montro more like molton monbro

Can we expect at some point to have a bake material and bake foliage tool as we did with the old editor ?
Being able to choose some of the settings like height for each material was good, and being able to have a minimal (or maximal) height for a specific material would be nice.
Being able to choose the density of a specific set of foliage would help too.

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Baking the entire terrain at once has been replaced with " auto foundation " and " auto slope " (Auto [W] brush.) options. While not as immediate a result, this scales much better for large maps with a variety of biomes and elevation.

With the Foliage > Bake [E] tool, automatic grass and tree placement works the same way as it did within the devkit editor.


idk how ive never thought of this before but i think adding an option to hide quest objects (anything with a condition on it) from the object browser would be quite awesome :smiley: perhaps it could just be put under the NPCs tab?

it's kinda annoying to scroll through hundreds of quest objects

and i can imagine how confusing it must be for beginners to place down an object and then it wont appear ingame because of a condition or smth (i remember doing this all the time in 2016)