*Map editor update teaser* i have no words

@danaby2 i literally have no words


yo that’s sick


Pretty happy it’s finally happening :simple_smile_zombie_:


It sure is!—chromatic aberration makes me sick. :nauseated_face:


Forgor to turn it off, sorry :roll_eyes:

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Makes screenshot more focused around heightmap brush tho

wait, question. will legacy terrain textures work still? or is it full devkit
i have alot of maps that are on the old textures, custom ones i made. i dont want this update to screw it up.

Edit: i loaded one of my maps with custom materials and this happened


Sorry, it will try to automatically update old materials first based on the hash of the Materials.unity3d and fall back to name-based matching e.g. “Snow” is linked to Yukon_Snow_00, but I am also going to add a tool to update all terrain tile materials at once.


Maybe we should keep it like this


10/10 would make best april fools, “broken” textures everywhere with goofy permutations!

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you’re now making a snow map, welcome to the club


Haha good idea! Considering we already have support for holiday-based asset redirects and april fools configured as a holiday (from the Dying Light crossover) this seems like a no-brainer.


Thank you for that, manual typing material GUIDs into the table and validating it (while translating legacy terrain to devkit through Ground Upgrade Wizard) really wasn’t a good way to go after Asset Browser was removed.


Will there be a tutorial guide for the new editor or should I start burning my Old editor hand-guide for dummies.

idk how deep this this editor update is gonna go but i have some suggestions for the editor bcus i’ve started using it recently to make maps and its pretty cool might release something in the future :

every road node has an option to modify its offset, it'd be nice if we could also modify other stuff like width so this stuff would b possible

speaking of roads

my brother in christ i have coded in unity a total of [1] time(s) so idk if this wizardry is possible but i will let the image speak for itself:

a complete devkit-ification of the un-devkit-ified legacy nodes so we can control them precisely and use them as cubes

rn the only thing i can think of is safezone volumes but theres prob some others

multiplayer editor

just kidding

some sort of unification of resources and objects

sometimes i wanna spam boulder objects by clicking my mouse on the terrain, and sometimes i wanna move my tree resource a couple centimeters so it dosen’t clip inside a building.
tbh idk how this could be done well bcus LMB is used to select in object mode while for resources it places stuff which causes a huge contradiction so like uhhhh

noise tool into new editor

the legacy terrain has a noise thing for terrain that isnt available in the devkit (i think???) and i assume the new editor will just have like the devkit terrain stuff so it’d be cool to see the noise thing in the new editor altho ive never used it bcus i dont make my terrain in the legacy editor

perhaps raising the limit of 8 materials per tile

altho tbf there’s probably a good reason for it so maybe not idk

increase/option to increase resolution of terrain

i actually had a dream that this was added and my map got corrupted
anyway perhaps this could be a very local thing bcus sometimes i wanna add like a little stream next to a road but then i realise the terrain dots are like 4m apart

notice how the resolution is doubled around the centre
tbh this is probably gonna be very niche and nobody’s gonna use it so if it takes longer than 3 minutes to implement it’s probably not worth it

now that everything will be in one editor..

it’d be nice if there was a way to copy entire tiles (including objects,nav,spawns,etc) between maps
once again this is probably gonna be very niche and nobody’s gonna use it so if it takes longer than 3 minutes to implement it’s probably not worth it

make the editor remember which objects i wanna see

disabling these 3 every time i open my game makes me mildly sad


option to change intensity/transparency/color(s) of aurora borealis

for some maps the default aurora looks jarring so itd be cool if there were some optinos to blend it in with the environment:

edit 2:

option to remove collision on certain road types

sometimes i have low roads that are kinda wonky and mess with vehiclse and yeah


another suggestion from me is being able to do ctrl + b ctrl + n on road nodes so that I don’t have to spend a few minutes just to overlap 2 different roads perfectly


Vertex snapping would also be cool


There is undoubtedly a lot of room for improvement in the level editor, and I agree with these suggestions, just a matter of balancing priorities to gradually upgrade the editor. Near-term top priority is unifying everything back into the original editor.


fence roads confirmed???


Multiplayer editor would be amazing. and maybe make it so the devkit is not as difficult to understand and make it easier to use in general. this is an expansion to your suggestion