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So I was wondering if Unturned 4.X could handle randomly generated infinite maps. Minecraft did its thing right, why cant Unturned do the same? I can already see people spamming in comments that it is going to be a walking simulator and it will be city-less but think about it, Nelson would be able to make randomly generating cities too like in Minecraft’s villages and make it randomly generated. I’d love looting a building I haven’t saw before and fortifying it… With more civilian buildings, and a limit for them being put in its designated part of the city.
Like imagine a half of a city that has a dentist’s, and another part (farther) that has another dentist’s. It sounds illogic for people that are having hard time walking a town, not getting a taxi. Hope Nelson is seeing this.
Realism would put its touch in the game…

It will take a long time for Nelson. I mean, looooooooooooooooooooong. Also, it will not work really good, there will be a lot of bugs.

No, have you seen the buggness of the randomly generated structures in minecraft?
Landscape would be decent, though it would not feel the same.
Unturned 3.x can barley handle insane sided maps, what do you think would happen if we made them infinite maps? If you were to say “Well just have less stuff” you just proved the point you were trying to refute, the maps being vast and empty, being more of a walking sim.
So no, bad idea.

There’s no good reason for this to be a thing in the game. It’s a waste of time and resources like making a console port. In terms of design it’s boring and not creative.


He uses a Real locations to make maps.

Procedural generation wouldn’t necessarily make more different buildings, just place the same ones in multiple places. Minecraft villages are all made up of the same half-dozen-or-so buildings.


Also,if Nelson implements this,Unturned II will release along with Half Life 3

not really actually.

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