Map Ideas?

Now that I’m finished with my map, I’m at a loss for another map idea. Do y’all have some?

New York

france is already being made by a curated team

Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain, South Africa, Madagascar, North Korea /s, Mexico, Poland, Portugal.

I want China to be added!

New york idk if that a good idea imagine neslon did the whole united state every one would have there game crashing very hard and also along with that the game will probley die (crash)through the editor so in that word idk.

That’s not the problem, you can do a map with the shape of the United States but don’t expect it to have a decent size for states/cities. Like some of them would have the size of cities like Tacoma, no point on doing that.

Well ok all right

Interesting locations would probably include the peaks of the Andes mountains, the rainforests and jungles of southeast Asia, the barren deserts of Australia, or the vast savannahs of Africa. Locations people may not know about/be familiar with will make your map appealing to people who like to explore.

California has been done.

You can make remake of your old map if it’s old enough

No 1. Hawaii was infected by Aegis test subjects, not from any other country.
No 2. I’ve already found a map to work, it’s called Ukraine. Watch for updates “soon”.

A few corrections.

Aegis was working to find a cure. They tested the cures on kidnapped people, but at no point is it implied any of them became infected or broke loose. Under the guise of pharmaceutical company, Aegis arrived after the outbreak. It is possible that they were initially likely believed to be trying to disperse medicine across Hawaii quicker.

The virus appeared in two separate locations, one of those two being on-board a cruise ship that never reached the island. Hawaii takes place post-Washington, as noted by one of the civilian doctors, and a cure is mentioned by a civilian hospital worker in a tense that implies it was before the outbreak was too serious. When Aegis arrived, they soon began gunning people down and neither of these notes should have been possible.

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