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In Unturned 3.0, you are able to create a map just by yourself. Sure you can compress the maps files and send it to your friends to also work on it. Only then this would take time since they would have to send it back to you. Why not let at least 3 more players help create the map in real time? Similar to how google docs or google slides works. You would be able to invite your friend to join and help and in the same way, you could kick them if needed to. I feel like if this was implemented into Unturned II, I think map development would take less time to do since you have others to help you without having to compress the map files and sending it to someone.


Nice, but that’s with Epic Games. This would be a feature for the Unreal Engine, since the map editor will probably be in-engine. Someone should actually discuss this on the Unreal forum, if thats not a thing yet.


Maybe not making it at the same time but I wish it was easier to share maps with someone else specifically. Also from what I’ve heard the UII map making system will be similiar to U3.0’s map making system just without the confusing devkit stuff. Maybe you could make it so you join map making servers like a regular server so it’s more of an ingame thingy, but aswell it’d be more private I.E requiring specific IP of those allowed and only via connect or using a LAN.

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Epic games developed the Unreal engine.

That’s what I said.

Sorry, misunderstanding on my part. Thought you said it’s with Epic Games as in they do it and not Unreal, not that it’s with them as in who to suggest this to.

But then it would be buggy, some people have worse internet etc. so it probably be laggy too, but no hate to you, this is still good idea :smiley:

Unreal engine 4 has a build in source control so you can easily share the map files and upload changes to the repository. You can also see if someone is curently editing a specific file. It requires the map to be split into tiles and multiple people can edit different tiles at the same time.

unturned ll runs on the creation engine
god bless todd howard himself

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