Map Project Showcase #2

Here’s a few more screenshots of the custom map project I’ve been working on recently.

One of the larger towns:

This is to be an NPC location for a bandit/rebel faction - in the last update I showed the bunker where the other military faction resides, this is to be the base of the equivalent faction, you can choose to side with either faction for different weapons and items as rewards for your service.

(I am aware the terrain in the background looks flat and undeveloped but I plan to work on this area’s surrounding landscape later).


Ayyyy it’s the place from Far Cry 6



you should probably focus more on mapping out locations rather than making custom buildings for one specific town and detailing things


I’ve already kind of roughly indicated where I want locations and stuff to go, the town, mansion and bunker areas are just the first places where I’ve started to put things

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you want to map out terrain as well, it can be important to balancing your map and laying out roads.


Okay, thanks

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just a developer secret from the california team, we do something we call “whiteboxing” :tm: that helps us layout locations to have a more fine-tuned layout designed by the map editor that also lets us take our tasks one-at-a-time.


It’s pretty simple, we take beams and other objects to get measurements for buildings that can be converted to blender so modellers have an easier time making buildings and editors have an even easier time using the buildings that have been tuned for their positions.


I’ve done that a lot in the past but normally by measuring stuff with a door or importing objects directly into Blender, that way you can visualize spaces within rooms before putting them in-game.

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